Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move into Settlers Albany?

When people visit our village, see our amazing facilities and experience our vibrant culture, they often say “I could live here; when can I move in?”

Our process is simple. It involves you making an application to purchase an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) on the dwelling of your choice. A $5000.00 deposit is required and applications are made subject to acceptance by Settlers and if appropriate the selling of your existing property. We are happy to talk you through this process at any time.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, Settlers Albany is designed for independent living for those aged 65 plus.

Can I have friends and family stay?

This is your home and you are welcome to have your family and friends stay with you at any time. A guest may stay with you to a maximum of one month following which time approval must be obtained from the village manager. For safety and security purposes we request residents advise our office receptionist when having guests stay overnight.

Guests and visitors are welcome to share the village facilities with you at all times provided you accompany them.

Can I make decorative or minor structural changes to my apartment?

Our village likes to be flexible and most decorative requests or minor variations are considered. However, these personal choices or changes are at the sole cost of the resident and we may request that the dwelling be returned to its original condition before resale.

What happens when I go on holiday?

Just lock up, leave and know that when you return you’ll find your home just as you left it! For security purposes please advise our receptionist of your departure and return dates. We can also arrange to have your mail collected.

Can we continue to have the Herald newspaper delivered?

Yes you can, by contacting NZ Herald you can make arrangements to have your own Herald delivered. A single Herald is delivered daily to the Library and is available for all residents to read.

What activities do you have in the village?

We have many social events and a variety of activities at our village. The Settlers Village Activities list has a comprehensive list showing the variety of activities on offer at our village.

What transport is provided at the village?

A well appointed Village bus is available for use by residents and can accommodate up to twelve passengers. It provides regular transport to and from the local Westfield Shopping Mall, and can be used by residents for trips. There is also a small car available to residents who assist in providing transport for medical appointments.

Can I have a pet in the village?

In most cases you can have a well behaved cat or small dog. This will depend on the dwelling you choose but we are happy to discuss your pet’s needs so please enquire.

Is there carparking for residents?

One bedroom apartments are allocated an undercover carpark if available. Two and three bedroom apartments are allocated undercover basement carparks as long as at least one of the residents has a current driver’s licence and owns a car.

Do you have emergency assistance?

Yes, Settlers has a registered nurse on site 24/7 to respond to our residents who need emergency assistance and they also act as the Duty Manager after hours.

Who owns Settlers Albany?

The Operator, Settlers Albany Limited is a private limited liability company. The directors of the Operator are Scott Francis Vernon and David John McFarlane, both local North Shore residents. For further information then please refer to our Disclosure Statement.

What Legislation is in place that protects residents and village operators?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 (the Act), its regulations and the Code of Practice protect the interests of residents and intending residents of retirement villages and define the obligations of retirement village operators. The Code of Resident Rights also provides further reassurance. For further information please refer to the links below.

What is the role of the Statutory Supervisor?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 (“Act”) requires, with a few exceptions, that every retirement village must be registered and that the operator of a registered retirement village must appoint a statutory supervisor. Settlers Albany, is a registered retirement village and has appointed Covenant Trustee Services Limited (“Covenant”) as their Statutory Supervisor. By way of an agreement called a ‘Deed of Supervision’ their role is to financially monitor the village and ensure our village operates to protect your rights as residents in accordance with the Act. This gives incoming residents peace of mind and security under the law.

What is the Village Contribution?

The Village Contribution is the percentage of the price of the original ORA recovered by Settlers on termination of your ORA once your unit has been relicensed and settlement is completed. The Village Contribution is capped at 25% after 3 years. Amortisation during the first 3 year period is First year: 10%, Second year: 7.5% and Third year: 7.5%, making a total after 3 years of 25%.

What is the Administration Fee?

The Administration Fee is 2% of the purchase price of the original ORA. This fee covers the cost of sales administration and also serves as a contribution towards the sales and marketing costs of your unit when it comes time to re-sell your Occupation Right Agreement.

What happens when there is a need to leave the village?

Advise the Village Manager in writing  that you wish to terminate your Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) and complete a termination form giving a minimum of one month's notice.

Once we receive the signed termination advice then Settlers will put in place a refurbishment plan and actively market to re-license your dwelling. Following the re-licensing and occupation of the dwelling you will be refunded the original purchase price less the Village Contribution and Administration fee and any other amounts owing by the resident.

Do I pay the weekly fees while waiting for my dwelling to be re-licensed?

Until the dwelling is re-licensed and occupied you continue to pay the full monthly village fee for the first 3 monthsl from date of termination, then the monthly fee reduces by 50% for the next 3 months.  Upon 6 months from termination date the monthly village fee ceases.

Am I charged refurbishment costs on leaving the village?

No, Settlers are responsible for all refurbishment costs and you are only responsible for any damage beyond fair wear and tear and any agreed reinstatement costs.